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Why Delhi

Delhi, the city with enviable historical legacy has survived the course of time, and rose to become a buzzing cosmopolis. With over 25 million inhabitants, it has managed to outpace most of its Asian counterparts and has positioned itself as the most significant hub of trade, commerce and hospitality. The capital boasts of the best physical and social infrastructure in the country. Being the centre for the Government in India, this capital city-state draws scores of people from all over the country, seeking better life.

On the basis of most educational parameters, the capital is ahead of the rest of the country, and provides unparalleled opportunities for higher education as testified by the in-flow of lakhs of students every year from other states.The robust schooling & higher educational opportunities has produced millions of glorified personalities, who have helped India get recognised as a emerging super power.

At healthcare front, Delhi has registered a consistent improvement in life expectancy over the last four decades, along with big boost in public health facilities. A sweeping upgrade has been seen for public facilities for hospitalisation care, a sharp contrast to that experienced in the other metros, and citizens are increasingly turning to public healthcare in relation to private provisioning even for non-hospitalised services.

Be it high economic growth, improved employment opportunities, lower rate of crime, near universal electrification, Delhi scores high on every parameter, and this is the precise reason why every Indian family dreams to have a house in this city. Having a house here is not only signifies a comfortable lifestyle but also a passport to bright future for the kids and a secure retirement plan.

Furthermore properties falling under this scheme has no impact from demonitazation. The current prices are rock bottom due to affordable scheme and CGHS regulations. In CGHS all transactions are carried out in White and price is fixed, so there is no question of manipulation and parking black money into it. As far as demonetization is concerned for overall real estate market, the short term impact may be not so positive, but in the medium and long term of this move is certain to increase the pace of consolidation in the industry. This consolidation process has already been underway for some time and with cash moving out of the system at the same time as the Real Estate Regulatory Bill is going to be implemented, larger organized players will have a tremendous opportunity to gain market share and grow rapidly. So for fair societies like us the move is a positive one and we are seeing some good demand coming for all the organized players of the industry. We know that by the time we start construction, interest rates would sharply fall, due to heavy deposits into the banking system. This will help you secure much cheaper loan for construction cost.

Adhikari Awas Yojna