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Adhikari Awas Yojna

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This is of the second type and the area is a total of 815 Sq. ft and this area is not inclusive of balcony. The land and the construction cost amounts to a total of Rs. 33,01,000. An amount of Rs. 31,000 is to be a paid as a part of registration amount. There is a first plan in which the amount of Rs.13,45,000 is to be paid within a time of 45 days. There is another plan in which the amount of Rs.14,67,000 is to be paid within a time of one year.

The living room is wonderfully designed with a balcony. There are two elegantly designed bedrooms and is featured with balconies. Kitchen is spacious and has a balcony attached to it. The living room has a common toilet and the Master bedroom has another toilet attached to it. There is a study room that is close to the living room. The balconies are 1500 mm and every home is designed as per the Vaasthu requirement.


Registration Amount 31,000


Build-up Area in Sq.Ft(Excluding Balcony) 815
Build-up Area in Sq.Yd 90.5
Total Cost of Apartment(Land Cost + Construction Cost*) 33,01,000
Registration Amount 31,000
Land Cost Plan-I(To be paid in 45 Days) 13,45,000
Land Cost Plan-II(To be paid in 1 Year) 14,67,000