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Diplomatic Enclave-2

The Cabinet has ultimately permitted the transfer of 35 hectares of the land so that the ministry of the urban development can arrange a fresh diplomatic center. It would verify helpful to accommodate global organizations as well as foreign missions.

The sensitive area of the Delhi is Chanakyapuri. The plotting as well as the land allocation would be completed by the ministry of external affairs. The new diplomatic center will be set up in the Sector 24 Dwarka which is one-tenth of the size of the Chanakyapuri area. As per the opinion of internal sources, this area will be used for the foreign enclaves and embassies and Delhi Master Plan has listed this piece of land for this purpose.

Details about Land Pooling Policy of Delhi

The ministry of external affairs is using this Land Pooling Policy of Delhi in a private-public partnership model that aims to expand the outer areas of the Delhi into the smart cities. The Land Pooling Policy, is also recognized as the LPP model system that aims to build up housing accommodation for the rising population of Delhi. The government of Delhi possesses 3500 acres of land of land for the several departments of the government . Therefore, it would not be a vast problem for the DDA as well as the Delhi government to assign land to the external affairs ministry. It is also learnt that ministry of external affairs has claimed zero ground rent for the construction of the foreign enclave. Furthermore, the foreign affairs department has also demanded that the DDA should keep a rate of possessions unmoved for two consecutive years. On the other hand, in current times, all these kind of issues has been determined. The DDA would provide this piece of the land at the cost of only 1 rupee.

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